Electric and fiber optic infrastructure for harbours


Consultancy services

Sea-Electric AS offer consultancy services to harbour owners and assosiated entreprneurs who want to build out electric and fiber optic grids in their harbour. Combined with 50/60 Hz drive systems.


Tailor made solutions for onshore electric power-supply(OPS) for vessels moored in the harbour. To help achieve a pollution and noise reduced port environment. 

Our service include a-z solutions within: 

- Smart subsea cabling systems. Power and fiber optics combined.

- Smart cable shields or smart seabed pipeline solutions.

- Marine cable installation and cable landfall solutions.

- Housing systems for power electronics

- Electric powerdrive systems from 1-20 MVA

Product sale

Sea-electric AS sell and install smart cable systems, ideal for your port OPS development. Low or high voltage cabling applications.

The  cable solutions combine both subsea and onshore cabling. Steel armoured and depth rated to 400meters, subsea cables.

The 24Kv smart-cable in picture above is intended for subsea installations, but can be combined and spliced with onshore cabling systems.


Picture above is from a reference project done in Bergen - Norway in June 2020. Energy transfer capacity:16000Kw@12Kv

The cables will provide you:

 - A complete Vessel power & control setup, in one cable. Including Cu wires for power, and fibre optics for control systems and other port data transfers.

Each project individually engineered and purpose built for optimum cost efficiency.

Port Cable management:

Vessel-Cable Launch & recovery systems for quay integration, can be arranged together with the infrastructure cabling, as a complete solution.

We can help you design your OPS system in a 3D environment. Allowing the owner of the harbour and his partners to see the architectural and cost impacts a given project will bring to an existing port.

Seabed and site Construction 

Sea-Electric As can also help you choose the best turn key port solution, for your project. Based on your individual needs. 

The port of Egersund - Norway constitute a brilliant example on Sea-Electric philosophy, and design, toward port electrification.

A combined 50/60Hz, Low and High voltage distribution system design. Enabling the port to support green energy to all port-calls, from large to snall vessels. 100-1000Kw outlet capacity.

Sea-Electric As can design and administrate your project A-Z, including public or private  quotation processes.



Sea-Electric AS is a Norwegian company established to support harbour owners in choosing the best "green turnower" electrification strategy for their harbour.

Norway as a nation is on the forefront of this development, and are currently running state grant programs through ENOVA, to help harbours "go green" and build out onshore power supply for the entire national fleet, and the international cruice liners. 

We can help you apply for financial support through ENOVA or other grant schemes, and we can help you technically from a-z .



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